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Shrink Your Waist and Get a V-Taper

Q: How can I make my waist smaller? I feel thick around the middle. A: The first thing you need to do is assess whether your problem is related to excess body fat, or if it’s a function of your body type. If it’s a body fat issue, then

Get a Complete Arm Workout

Panatta Standing Total Arms is a dual-function machine that enables a complete arm workout, perfectly reproducing the curling movement for the biceps and the push-down movement for the triceps. The main benefits are optimal tension over

Stay Leaner by Eating 5 Meals Daily

Q: Is it really necessary to eat five meals a day? I work long hours and find it difficult to eat so frequently. A: “Necessary” might be stretching things a bit, but from a body composition standpoint, it’s certainly beneficial to consume

Best Time to Take Protein Supplements

Supplementation either before or after a weight-training session will increase muscle protein synthesis. Q: I take a protein supplement right after my weight-training sessions. Is this one of the better times to take a protein supplement

Nomorbidity: Advanced Appetite Control

If you are struggling to lose weight, Nomorbidity may be your answer. Anyone who has tried to drop extra pounds knows that losing weight is difficult. What many people are not aware of is that there are multiple factors that can affect


MuscleTech® is a global leader in nutritional products and was born out of an obsession to redefine the limits of science and human potential. Now MuscleTech® has put the TECH back in its name and is ready to reclaim ownership of the hotly

Should You Stretch Before Training?

By Steven J. Fleck, Ph.D. Q: I’ve heard that you shouldn’t stretch right before a weight-training session because this will decrease your maximal strength and power. I’ve noticed, however, that the majority of the studies looking at the

Best Flat Tummy Tips for 2023

Ever wonder how some ladies, from everyday gals, your co-workers to professional athletes, sport a flat stomach and maybe even a six-pack? There are no “secrets” but rather it’s a lifestyle that forms the foundation of a fit and lean

YOU Are Beautiful!

As the Founder and CEO of Bombshell Inc, I spend my days surrounded by beautiful women from all over the world. You may think that these women were simply “born perfect” or that they have no flaws, and that their beauty is a product of