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Tips to a Thinner Thanksgiving

As we all know, the holidays are approaching. During this time, excuses regarding weight gain arise, and we all have to resist those holiday treats coming into the office daily! Well, this is our chance to say NO, and get ready to keep

Toxic Weight Loss

By Daniel Gwartney, MD Ask any person who has lost significant amounts of weight and he/she will tell you the weight comes off slower after the first 10 pounds or so. The initial weight loss is usually rapid and energy levels remain fairly

Are Deep Squats Safe?

Q: Is it OK to perform deep squats? I’ve heard that it can be bad for the knees, but I’ve also heard it’s important for developing the quads and glutes. A: If it’s any consolation, you’re not alone in your confusion. There’s actually a

Koncentrated K

So many pieces complete the picture of optimal health, with diet and nutrition at the forefront. Supplementation is the norm for most of us to fuel our body with adequate nutrients, yet one vitamin with a plethora of health benefits has

Prevent Fatigue With Lactate Threshold Training

By Rick Morris The best way to improve your running performance and fitness is to raise your lactate threshold. You’re well into your daily run and your legs are feeling heavy and nonresponsive. You’ve lost most of the “pop” or power in

Coffee: The Healthiest Beverage in the World

By Shoshana Pritzker How do you like your coffee? Black? With cream and sugar? Or how about some frothy milk? A perfect brew is one that is exactly the way you like it. Whether first thing in the morning or as an after-dinner treat, your

Omega-3 Supplements for Fat Burning

Omega-3s shift your body into a fat-burning mode, promoting a leaner physique. Q: What’s the deal with omega-3 supplements? Help or hype? A: Definitely help! Omega-3 fats are essential fats, meaning they cannot be manufactured in the body

Should You Cut Dairy to Lose Fat?

Q: Do I need to cut out dairy to lose fat? A: Definitely not! Cutting out dairy to get lean is one of the biggest dieting myths. It most probably arose from the fact that a certain percentage of people are lactose intolerant (i.e., they


Many of us have made less than satisfying trips to the doctor. Wait an hour, read a magazine that’s a year old only to get the verdict: let’s schedule some tests and we might have an answer in a month. Maybe it’s low T or a hormonal