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For a Firm Butt, Get on the Ball

Having a tighter and more toned buttocks is on the “wish list” of many people. A relevant part of the body and potential problem area is your lower back. You might not think much about this area unless you experience back pain. Not all

Golden® Super Turmeric

Ambrosia Golden® uses HydroCurc technology to deliver an industry-best 9x more effective absorption than regular turmeric or curcumin extracts. The “golden spice” curcumin is a special compound found in turmeric that can help relieve

Clean Up Your Diet: Best Healthy Foods

The first days of warmth and sunshine are almost here, and with those come motivation and inspiration for many. It is a time of renewal and revival in more ways than one. It’s a great time to clean up one’s diet and shed excess body fat.

Biggest Fat Loss Myths:

The only way to truly lean up your midsection is to lean up your entire body with a combination of weight training, proper diet and cardio. By Aaron Loynes MPT, CSCS and Brent Seegraves MPT, CSCS As physical therapists, our patients often

Panatta Circular Rowing Machine

The Panatta Circular Rowing Machine is ideal for training the back muscles, with particular focus on the mid-upper part; the circular trajectory on the transverse plane determines a high activation of the mid-trapezius, rhomboids and rear

Get a Stronger Core With Kettlebell Twists

The abdominal muscles are usually the weak link in anyone’s “core” development. While endless sets of crunches and leg raises will strengthen the anterior abdominal wall,1 these exercises provide a less direct activation pattern to the

Burn IQ™

There’s a new breed of supplement in town from MuscleTech®, and it’s the smartest way to a shredded physique. Burn iQTM is a game-changer and a first-of-its-kind fat-burning formula delivering an energy and sensory experience that has

How Much Protein Do You Need?

Q: I am a 29-year-old woman and have been training hard for several years now. I want to take my body to the next level. How much protein do I need to consume to achieve my goal? A: Well, if you go by the Recommended Dietary Allowances

Precision Protein™

By Bryan Hildebrand Senior Editor, Hi-Tech Pharmaceuticals Hitting your daily protein intake need is easier than ever thanks to endless options of animal and vegetarian protein powders available. Whether you are looking to add protein

Get a Firm Chest With Dumbbells

The pectoral muscles are one of my favorite muscle groups to train. From a standard barbell bench press to well-designed pieces such as Hammer Strength that precisely engage the pectoral muscles from different isolated angles, there are an