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Create Exquisite Focus Amidst Chaos

By Leo Babauta I’ve worked with lots of incredible people who want to create something — whether it’s art, a book, a business, or some impact on the world. One of the stories we often have when we want to create is that we’re too busy,

The Art of Effortless Decision Making

By Leo Babauta So many of us spend a ton of time and energy stuck in indecision — the stress and delays that come with this are quite incredible. One of the things I’m proud of about myself is my ability to make decisions quite

Spend Your Time Intentionally

By Leo Babauta I’ve seen a lot of people with goals about changing how they spend their time, things like: Spend more time with family Have a better work/life balance Spend more time outdoors Spend more time with friends Read more And so on

Essential Zen Habits of 2022

By Leo Babauta I’m publishing this a bit late (I usually post by the end of the year) but that is a good summary of 2022 for me: chaotic and messy, but still amazing. It’s hard to fully share what the year was for Zen Habits, and for me

Seeing the Gift

By Leo Babauta There are a number of common blockers for creating powerful change in your life: Feeling that the effort is pointless Resisting the effort Frustration with yourself or others Disliking the activity Feeling an urge /

A Mindfulness Practice for Holiday Stress

By Leo Babauta The holidays can be stressful, with shopping, travel, family gatherings, extra busyness, winter storms, and more. The chaos of our lives plays out in sometimes heightened form over the season. In this post, I’m going to share

Working Effectively When You’re Overwhelmed

By Leo Babauta I’ve noticed that so many people are feeling overwhelmed, scattered, and stressed – so much so that focus and effective work become incredibly difficult. So what can we do to be more effective in the midst of this scattered,

How the Feeling of Pointlessness Can Derail Us

By Leo Babauta Something I’ve noticed that derails a lot of people’s goals or attempts to form habits is the feeling that it’s pointless to even try. If it feels like it won’t matter if you do anything … why would you try? And so when

Committed & Unattached: A Powerful Way to Work

By Leo Babauta I’ve been diving deep into working with full commitment lately, in my personal transformative work and working with my clients. It’s fascinating work. The biggest stumbling point for people is the dichotomy between: Being

Moving Lightly Through the World

By Leo Babauta You might know that I’m a fan of simplicity and minimalism — but for me, it’s not just about having less stuff or even doing less. For me, it’s a way of moving through the world with lightness. Not lightly tiptoeing around